Welcome Visitors

Thank you for your interest in our parish. Whether you’re just visiting us for a brief time, looking for a new parish home, are returning to the practice of your Catholic faith or are interested in finding out more about the Catholic Church, we’re happy to have you here.

A Quick Guide to Visiting St. Joseph

Of course our church is about a lot more than parking, bathrooms, and other practical details. Yet the practical details are important. We want you to feel welcome at St. Joseph, whether you are coming for a wedding or a funeral, visiting from out of town, or looking to find Christ. The following practical points will help the practical details get out of the way.

Where is St. Joseph Catholic Church?

Here are directions. We are located at 6020 Old Antonia Rd, Imperial, MO 63052. That is just west of Interstate 55 on Imperial Main Street.


The first entrance to the campus heading west from Interstate 55 leads to the main parking lot. Handicaped parking is availible is a second parking lot to the west of the church. This closer spots in this lot are reserved on Sundays and holy days for those who have limited mobility. There are also additional spots between the Parish Office and the Bridge Building. The east and west lots are connected behind the school, and cars can parallel park along that road. When the parking lot is full there is a ramp to allow additional overflow parking on the paratice fields.

Inside the Church

The Building

The entrance to the church is under the breezeway connecting the church and the school. The bathrooms are located down the hall to the right. More infromation on our church building.

Families with small children

Understandably, families with small children can be self-consious about their children making noise. Families should know that they are not only welcome at church, but encouraged to bring their children to Mass. At the same time, families are asked to consider those around them. The vestibule and seating area to the right is seperated from the main body of the church by glass so families with small children can join us in prayer with less worrying about distrubing the congregation. Families can sit there for the whole Mass or take their children out into the vestibule when they are having trouble being quiet. The left confessional or the parish nursery room if they are not otherwise in use could be used for brest feeding an infant if needed.

Handicapped Access

The west parking lot has handicapped parking. The spots close to the church in the west parking lot are reserved for the elderly and those with limited mobility during Sunday Masses and parish events. The front row on the right side is reserved for the handicapped. Some who have trouble making it down the gentle slope in the church choose to sit in the front row of the back section to the left of the church entrance.

A Non-Catholic in a Catholic Church

All are welcome to join us in prayer. We do insist that our guests, and members, show respect for God's house. Catholic services, be that Sunday Mass, a Funeral, or a Wedding, can be confusing for non-Catholics. 


As Catholics express our prayer in part through our posture, we stand, sit, and kneel to help us better participate in Mass. As a guest you are welcome to follow along with the posture or everyone else. If you feel uncomfortable kneeling you are welcome to sit, but please be mindful if there is someone trying to kneel in the seat behind you. (Video explaining the postures at Mass)

The Missalettes

The words of the hymns, prayers, and readings for many services can be found in the green covered Breaking Bread hymnals found in the pews. Some hymns are found in Spirit and Song hymnals also found in the pews. Hymns are organized by number and the numbers are usually posted on the board on left wall by the choir. On Sundays the readings are found in the Breaking Bread under the days date. 

Holy Communion

We welcome all people to pray together with us. For Catholics, Holy Communion, not only nourishes us with the Body and Blood of Christ, it is also the sign and source of our unity, our communion, in the profession of our faith as the Body of Christ. Those who do not profess our faith, non-Catholics, are not to receive Holy Communion, as they are not in full communion with us. Catholics who do not practice their faith, or are conscious of grave (mortal) sin are not to receive Holy Communion without prior sacramental confession. If you are unable to receive Communion, you are welcome to stay in your pew or you may come forward to allow others in your pew to come to Communion; crossing your arms in front of your chest will tell the priest that you are not receiving Communion. Additional information on this topic may be found inside the front cover of the Breaking Bread Hymnal.For more information look at the US Bishop's Guidelines For The Reception Of Communion.




Join our Community

A parish is a community of believers and a spiritual family that is supportive and loving. It can be a place to grow spiritually, to put your faith in action, and to use our gifts of time and talent as disciples of Christ. We look forward to answering any questions you may have. In the meantime, please look through the resources we’ve made available on these pages:

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Holy Mass?

Holy Mass is celebrated everyday. Saturday Vigil 4:30PM, Sunday: 7, 8:30, 10, and 11:30AM. Weekdays: Monday-Friday at 6:30 and 8AM, Saturday mornings at 8AM.
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How do I become Catholic?

We're glad you asked! We welcome you to contact the church office to meet with our pastor. We've also provided some introductory answers on this website.
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Where is the church located?

6020 Old Antonia Rd, Imperial, MO. We are located just half a mile west of Interstate 55 at Exit 186, Imperial Main Street. An interactive map with driving directions from your location is available on this website.
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Can I receive Communion at your Church?

All are welcome to pray with us. Holy Communion not only nourishes us but is also the sign and source of our unity, our communion, in the profession of our faith. Those who do not profess our faith, non-Catholics, are not to receive Holy Communion, as they are not in full communion with us. Catholics who do not practice their faith, or are conscious of grave (mortal) sin are not to receive Holy Communion without going to Confession first. See the link below for more information.
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