St. Joseph Parish News

March 2020

Mar 26

Letter Mailed to all Parishioners

During the week of March 23, all parishioners for whom we have a current address should have received this letter in the mail. We recognize that not all parishioners use the internet and in addition to sending the letter, a group of volunteers has also been making phone calls to check on everyone. We realize this is an extraordinary and...
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Mar 22

Videos Now Available Online

Archbishop Robert Carlson has suspended Masses in the Archdiocese due to the coronavirus. St. Joseph Parish will offer a Mass video each Sunday until we can once again worship as a community. This video gallery is where you may find the videos; although we post them on Facebook, we recognize that some people, while they do use technology, do NOT...
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Mar 19

Staying in Touch with the Parish

Parishioners (and others) who do not normally visit the parish website often may be checking in more frequently now given the coronavirus situation. Please note that the bulletin will still be published so you may view it online and a limited number of copies will be available in the parish office and the church, though obviously there is not...
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Mar 17

Letter from Fr. Shaughnessy and Fr. Vordtriede

Guidance regarding the coronavirus is changing daily as federal, state, local, and archdiocesan leaders issue mandates and recommendations. Based on information from Archbishop Robert Carlson received late on Monday, 3/16, Fr. Shaughnessy and Fr. Vordtriede prepared this letter for parishioners.
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Mar 16

Update on Coronavirus Impact on Campus

We’d like to take this opportunity to update everyone on what's happening or not happening on campus going forward from this point, understanding, as hopefully everyone does, that the coronavirus is a rapidly-evolving and complex challenge to address. Based on mandates and recommendations from Archbishop Robert Carlson and the CDC, Fr. Dan...
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Mar 15

Masses Live on TV

On Friday, Archbishop Robert Carlson dispensed Catholics in the Archdiocese of St. Louis from the Sunday Mass obligation due to the coronavirus risk. There are, however, many options for watching a live daily Mass on TV and this website has an extensive list for you to choose from:  Daily Holy Mass Live Online.
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Mar 10

Parish Calendar Enhancement

In an effort to combine multiple calendars in use across the parish ministries, we have created a new calendar page. The calendar combines calendars from several parish ministries and meeting spaces. However, since very few people need to see EVERY event taking place on the campus, please note that at the top right of the calendar is a dropdown...
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