St. Joseph Parish News

January 2021

Jan 20

Parishioner Parties in the Corpus Christi Center

Back in August of 2019 when the CCC opened, who could have guessed what the ensuing year and a half would hold? To some extent, we were beginning to get a sense of overall operations when everything screeched to an abrupt halt in March of last year. Since then, with the benefit of more experience with a few larger events, and having learned many...
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Jan 11

Parish Coronavirus Updates

It has now been 11 long months since the coronavirus began to take hold in the United States. We thought it might be prudent to update everyone on parish-related issues with the pandemic. There’s a lot of information here, but worth the time to read it all. As everyone knows, St. Joseph Parish is a large parish with many ministries. With...
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Jan 5

Enhancements to Livestream

If you have been "attending" Mass via livestream, you may be interested in BoxCast TV. It is an app that you can use with Amazon FireTV, Roku, and Apple TV. Our channel is called "St. Joseph Parish - Imperial, MO" and if you use the app on your TV, you can watch the Mass full-screen. (links below) Our stream is also...
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Online Giving

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